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  • Aviators Suite makes all necessary navigational calculations for small aviation in Java enabled mobile phone. It gives both totals for task as information for each leg as well.
  • Automaticaly convert units.
  • Calculate sunset and sunrise time for given day and location.
  • Calculate all necessary parameters eg. density altitude, OAT correction due to air compression, Mach number, fuel weight.
  • Simple, intuitive, based on menu known from mobile phones interface lets quickly and easy operate device even with only single hand, so you can use it also during flight.
  • Replaces and complements CR-type ring calculator or E6-B.
  • Made by pilot for pilots.
  • You will have it in your pocket, independently wheather you came to airport planned or accidentaly 'just for a minute'.
  • Works on Java enabled mobiles, eg. Nokia 6230, 6310i, 6610, 6100, more compatibility information in 'Phones' menu


we are looking for representatives for USA and other countries contact here
english web page will be available soon, french and polish ones are ready now
18.5 tested on Nokia 6230i, resolved sunset algorythm error for demo version
2004.06.06 on pilots requests added variation and corrected latitude minutes error
tested on Motorola, for precision flying team pilots added time resolution in seconds
Aviators' Suite in Przeglad Lotniczy magasine !
v1.2.16 works on Sony Ericsson T610
v1.2.16 works on Sony Ericsson P800, new phones tested
on available wallpaper with Cessna Citation for 128x128 pixes display
v1.2.15.1 tested on Siemens C55 i Nokia 7650
demo version Aviators' Suite available on
v1.2.14 corrected standard atmosphere
new web page
first PPL with help of Aviators Suite
first Navigator, grandpa of Aviators Suite

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